Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Update from Anne: Donum Estate in Spring

After more than a few inquiries about Carneros' unusually dry winter as well as the late March and early April rains, Donum's winegrower and founder, Anne, decided to take us into our Donum Ranch vineyard to answer those questions. She also gave us a quick peek at the spring buds in our famous East Slope portion of blocks. Check out the video for a first-hand update.

The late rains have replenished the soils and reservoirs, and we're seeing even growth - what we strive for year after year - across the vineyard. The season has turned beautifully spring-y, with only the occasional spot of rain interrupting the warm, blue skies. In fact, those short bursts have kept our landscape remarkably fresh and green.

If you're interested in videos from seasons and vintages past, browse through our YouTube archive here. Anne has that unique ability to outline our farming practices in a manner that appeals to both the layman and the expert. Fresh, approachable, honest and in depth.

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